16 April 2017 @ 03:44 am
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Open/Closed: [explain your parameters]

13 October 2017 @ 10:27 pm
Who: New coven members, Brie and assigned teachers (old blood can join too!)
Where: The coven base camp
When: Day 98
Open/Closed: Open to Alllllllllmost everyone, essentially top levels are newbies and teachers, but oldbies can tag around!
OOC: To be clear, top levels should only be new characters accepted in October and those who signed up for teacher slots. Old players ARE ENCOURAGED TO TAG AROUND IF THEY WISH, and of course other new characters can mingle with their newbie brethren. If your character is a teacher please indicate that in your top level to differentiate.

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12 October 2017 @ 03:26 am
Who: Hibiki, Moon, Dirk, Jake
Where: Red marks the spot!
When: Day 96
Open/Closed: Closed to team, open top-levels for all!

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08 October 2017 @ 04:05 pm
[Yuuko sends out a message letting everyone know that she's checked all the trees and is ready to proceed with taking down the dead ones and growing new ones! She actually has a whole list of things that need to be done:

- Dead trees need to be taken down. The dead wood might be able to be crafted into something.
- All living trees are marked with a ribbon and need to be healed by those that can.
- Still living trees should have their sick branches removed and be pruned properly, to avoid further sickness
- Stone pathing is needed!
- Simple signage directing where certain fruit trees are growing. The orchard isn't big yet but it may be some day!
-Anything else that you'd like to add to the orchard. Small gardens for vegetables/berries and other things would be lovely and it'd be nice to keep everything in one place.

If your character collected seeds from the previous world Yuuko can make them grow instantly. Trees she can't make fully grown just yet, but she can get pretty close. Maybe by the time they've left for the new world/returned there will be fruit on these new trees.]

A - Cutting Down Dead Trees

[The orchard doesn't look super great. Even the still living trees are hard to ascertain from the dead ones. Yuuko has gone ahead and checked them out with some helpful hands and claws so you can figure out which ones to take down because they don't have a ribbon. These trees need to be pulled from the root and completely removed.
All this dead wood must be good for something though. If not fire wood maybe someone can make something out of it!]

B - Healing the Sick Trees

[First things first when it comes to the healthy trees: you make sure those ribbons get back to Yuuko. Otherwise, if you have powers to help them out please try! There are a few on the island that have already said they can save the trees. Hopefully they grow something tasty!]

C - Healing the Earth

[Before growing can commence the dirt leaves little to be desired. The earth isn't in great shape and perhaps it's the reason all the trees started to die? Yuuko's no tree doctor so she couldn't tell you... but before she risks planting any trees in the ground she hopes that someone with some kind of healing magic can revitalize the dirt. Healthy trees need a healthy ground first and foremost.]

D - Planting Delicious Delicious Fruits

[It's time! Yuuko doesn't have a lot of seeds but it's enough to get started. There's apple, oranges, lemons and two pear tree seeds! (Impressive!)

With all the sick trees removed and the dirt revitalized Yuuko has carefully planned where each tree and future tree should go. But maybe her and Waver weren't the only ones to collect seeds. If you also managed to gather something from the previous world hopefully you're inclined to share and pass the seeds over to the rest of the group. Yuuko can make instantly grow any small/medium sized plant. Berries and flora may take a day or two to actually bloom but it won't be a long wait.

As for the trees... well, she now experiences her limits. She can get them pretty grown but not to their full potential or size. Oops. Shoulda maybe been practicing, huh? Oh well. There will probably be plants and apples when they return from their next world.]

E - Pathing/Signage/Build Your Own Thing!

[There is still so much that can be done for the orchard. Pathing will make it easy to get around and not get lost in what will hopefully be a sea of trees. The signage makes things easier to find. But what about making things aesthetically pleasing? Yuuko is all about that. Making a koi pond or a fresh water source will be helpful in keeping things watered.

Smaller gardens to grow different things like vegetables and herbs would be splendid. Are there bumblebees here? Maybe some bee friendly plants that will keep the trees and the rest of the things here growing. There's so much that can be done and while Yuuko has planned out the tree part there's still lots more that can be done and crafted to make life here a little bit better.]

(OOC: Please interact with each other and spam this post all you like to make the orchard super great! And really, do whatever you like and build whatever you please if you're able!)
07 October 2017 @ 07:46 pm
Who: salty anarchists club
Where: an undisclosed location near the mountains
When: Day 93
Open/Closed: closed to invitees and invitees of invitees!

[So Jay may have pulled you discreetly aside some time over the last week or so and invited you to a particular location near the mountains, or you may have been dragged along by a friend. Either way, there's a small group of people forming in this forest clearing, Jay at the center, pacing back and forth as has become his tendency.

Let the Qri shittalking begin.]
05 October 2017 @ 03:53 pm
Who: Coven Members
Where: Coven Base Camp
When: Day 90
Open/Closed: OTA

You're not doing anything right now, right? Good. Genette's using some of the resources taken from Aimintas to create a little get together. Even if you do have something going on, she's not averse to using a little force to make the evening magical.

In fact, the magic is exactly how she's pulling this off. Genette is offering you to a little get together at the base camp, which may be all it takes for you to follow her. If not? Your hand is tethered (or some other part of you) quickly and you're led to the camp anyway. This is important, darn it!

What's so important? A little "party" of sorts. There's an assortment of foods, some of which have been hastily made since some groups have gone harvesting for new resources, and a large water basin that's acting as a punch bowl.

The true purpose of this little activity is a 'get to know you' exercise of sorts. Genette's got a glass container of a large quantity of Elto bones that can short-circuit the tethers, but the caveat is that you have to participate in a little, tethered sharing circle.

(It's honestly a good idea to know who you're stuck within your little makeshift coven, but Genette is the pushy sort when she sets her mind to something.)

The way to be released from your Elto shackles? Tell everyone your name, where you're from, your magic (seemingly left a little ambiguous) and something else about yourself. Discussions are encouraged! The more people know, the better!

After you're done sharing with the class, food and drink is yours to have -- or you can just run off, that's fine too.

OOC: Characters who would have absolutely nothing to do with this can of course escape, whether fleeing in the first place or using Elto bones of their own to circuit out their tether.

      A ▢ This is it -- your character can breathe deeply, unlock their knees and get this little activity over with. All they have to do is share the criteria and they're free to go!

      B ▢ Afterwards, their free to stick around the area and mingle. There IS food and also drinks. They may also want to have a more private conversation about something they learned tonight.
03 October 2017 @ 12:43 pm
Who: Haru & YOU.
Where: Haru's Garden on the outskirts of the forest or the mansion garden.
When: Day 88 ( pls correct me if i'm wrong on the day)
Open/Closed: Open to all! But there will be a few closed prompts in here!

[Now that everyone is back on the island hub, the work begins again. For at least the last couple of days Haru has been going in-between two gardens and making sure that she is prepared for the worst. One garden she hadn't even had a chance to start planting... the other? Well, it was in a sad state. The already sad looking mansion garden just looked sadder without her there to take care of it.

If one would happen to find her in the mansion garden, she will be on her hands and knees pulling a monstrous amount of weeds out of the garden. She looks a little worn out and perhaps that is to be expected for a huge garden that got completely out of hand while she was away.

At some point she is sending out a mental message to anyone in her vicinity:

This is Haru speaking, if someone is free... could they come to the mansion garden? I think I may need a hand out here. Thank you!

[Later on in the day if someone were to find her in the garden by the outskirts of the forest, she is still preparing the ground and the soil for a project garden. It's a hard job to do by yourself, but Haru wasn't about to drag someone out here to do it with her if they didn't want to.]
01 October 2017 @ 12:23 pm
Who: Vern, Geir, and you
Where: The western slopes of the Hub mountain
When: Day 86
Open/Closed: Open

[after Jay's mapping trip of the day before, two of the party returned to the mountain's southwestern slopes. they're looking for a cave, and after that exploratory trip, they think they know more or less where they'll find one. it takes some searching slightly north of where the mapping team left off, but Vern and Geir eventually find a location that will work for their purposes… with a few caveats.

((reply to either open prompt or make your own! Vern and Geir will both reply.))

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30 September 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Who: mapping party! (late signups for mapping party can go here)
Where: the near western side of the island
When: Day 85
Open/Closed: semi-open! feel free to mingle/run into mapping party at any of the locations. if you would like to be in mapping party, signups are above!

[So maybe you were invited along on this expedition by Jay or a friend. Maybe you heard a telepathic message a couple days ago looking for people with scouting and mapping skills and answered the call. Maybe you just happened to be in the area. Whatever the reason, there's a small group of people and dragons assembling on the beach near the huts, and Jay appears to be in the center of it, checking that everyone he's expecting is accounted for.

They'll be going by air to map the near western coastline and circling back around to camp, touching down every so often to look for landmarks and other potentially useful areas on the way. You're welcome to come along, if you can bargain yourself space on dragonback.]
28 September 2017 @ 08:56 pm
Who: Coven members
Where: The Hub Island (the mansion, beach huts, etc)
When: Day 83
Open/Closed: Open to All

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25 September 2017 @ 09:30 pm
Who: Anyone and everyone!
Where: On the beach, and various other places throughout the hub island
When: Day 80, and the next couple days after
Open/Closed: open log for hub shenanigans!

[This evening, someone has placed an old, rusted-over camp stove on the beach near the coven's row of huts--anyone examining it in detail will see that it's not operational at the moment, but that could potentially be changed, couldn't it? If someone was handy with mechanical things . . . .

Next to it is a crate (which, from the weight of it is empty) and pinned to that crate is a sheet of paper with a map on it, something like a much cruder, black-and-white version of this:

with the following key:

1 - crags. Contain snakes which may be poisonous. Watch out.
2 - ocean, going about one mile out from the coast.
3 - lagoon. Contains thick reeds (could be woven or shaped into tools) and frogs (edibility uncertain).
4 - abandoned campsite.
5 - orchard. Currently, trees are diseased and bare. Plant healer needed.
6 - abandoned house. A family used to live here, from the looks of it. Still contains some useful supplies.

And there should be a 7 north of base camp with the notation "graveyard. Graves unused." but the player forgot and is too lazy to go back and fix it right now. Observant individuals will note that the map looks like a more detailed version of one hanging on the door to a certain coven member's cabin, one that has a note on the bottom: "Have information? Ask for Jay."

Other than that, it's a quiet night on the hub island. We've been here for a couple days; maybe you're getting restless? Want to check out that ocean, or lagoon, or even those crags? Maybe just go door-to-door in the beach huts? Maybe you're sick of shrimp and looking for other things to eat . . . hopefully someone's got a fire going tonight, and thought to kill a boar . . . .

What are you doing tonight?]

((here or here for place descriptions))
Who: lancer (elizabeth bathory) & eva, the bloody master
Where: the coven housing in aimintas
When: the night before the coven goes back to the hub (day 76?)
Warnings: mentions of blood and torture, neglect and several other things i'll update with as the log goes. it's a memory log of elizabeth bathory, it won't be fun.

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22 September 2017 @ 01:16 pm
Who: Coven members and the Palai
Where: The Palai Marketplace
When: Days 75 & 76
Open/Closed: Open to All
OOC Note: This is for any and all unresolved threads you'd like to get out of the way before the coven leaves Aimintas. Feel free to backdate specific prompts to whatever day is suitable for you.

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21 September 2017 @ 07:55 pm
Who: Coven members interested in and a part of barrier quest
Where: The island above the ocean
When: Day
Open/Closed: Open to All

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21 September 2017 @ 02:32 am
Who: Nike Lemercier and Riku
Where: Somewhere semi-quiet with an open view of the sky.
When: Day 63 (backdated)
Open/Closed: Closed!

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17 September 2017 @ 08:02 pm
Who: Sorey, Flynn and everyone!
Where: A (Secret!!) Palai Meeting House
When: Day 71
Open/Closed: COVEN MEMBERS ONLY!!1 No Qri Allowed (Open to All)

Come one, come all! )
11 September 2017 @ 06:37 pm
Who: Various enterprising folk!
Where: The former Uvi lair, and the island above Aimintas
When: Day 64-66, or thereabouts
Open/Closed: ota! there is a coven-house meeting afterward for anyone who can't make it up to see on their own.

[Hopefully you waited for the rain of spiky . . . Elto bones . . . to die down before heading out, but there's a mysterious underwater explosion to be investigated, and a possible link to Palai magic and the barrier, too.

Time to find out what happened?]
11 September 2017 @ 06:01 pm
Who: anyone and everyone
Where: all over Aimintas
When: Day 66
Open: Open party log for egg hatching! Make your own top levels and tag out to other people!

[Guess what, it's egg hatching time! Marvel at your new lizard babies! Give them names! Coo over their cuteness! Immediately learn the trouble of parenting! Spend all night not sleeping as your lizard child screams until four in the morning!]